Visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Discover Aug 29, 2020

As I shared recently in a post about Badlands National Park, one of the things James and I are trying to do as we travel around this big, beautiful country of ours is to see as many National Parks as we can. There are SO many beautiful places out there being preserved for us to enjoy and we want to take advantage of that.

We drove all the way across North Dakota and I'm not going to lie - there's not a lot to see. haha! But North Dakota is a state that neither of us had been to so we wanted to drive through and experience it. Once we got to the western side, we decided to check out Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the fourth on our list of National Parks visited, and we enjoyed seeing some beautiful scenery.

We stopped at the Painted Canyon visitor center first and then went a little further down the highway to the main entrance and drove through a portion of the park to see what it was all about. We saw lots and LOTS of prairie dogs, some bison, and some deer. We love seeing the beautiful scenery but it's always fun and exciting to see animals along the way too!

Just outside the park is the town of Medora and we stopped for a few minutes to check that out. It looks like an old time western town and is super cute! We walked around and checked out a couple of the shops and just enjoyed the scenery before we got back on the road and worked our way on over to Montana.

If you're looking for something fun to do as you travel along I-94 through North Dakota, this is a nice place to stop and see some beautiful sites!