Photo by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙 / Unsplash

Things We Ponder as Nomads

Discover Aug 31, 2020

As we've started this nomadic adventure and lived completely out of hotels, there are things that we've wondered about along the way. Some are silly and some are things we're having to figure out as we go! 😉

Things we’ve pondered on this adventure...

1. We're very curious how many bugs must die daily by flying into cars? I know we’ve had our fair share splat against our grill and windshield! 🤣

2. Why don’t people in hotels realize that someone might actually be on the elevator and wait to see if someone’s coming out when the door opens before they start barreling on? I can't even tell you how many times we've been on an elevator and when the door opens there's someone standing RIGHT in front of the door - and many times they don't even move or wait to get on when they DO see that someone is there. They just expect everyone to get out of their way I guess. 🙄

3. How long can a person hold it before finding a bathroom? lol!  Let me tell you - there are plenty of areas around this country where there isn't much for a loooong way. The Dakotas and Montana are definitely some of those areas.  🥴

4. We're very curious to know how many of the RV drivers we’ve passed are white knuckling the steering wheel as they drive the winding mountain roads and through gusting winds? And people have wondered why we don’t have an RV. 🙅‍♀️

5. Will the laundry be okay if we throw everything into one load and will our clothes shrink if we wash them on warm? The answer is yes and no thankfully! 🙌When you’re paying for each load you don’t want to do multiples if it all fits in one. 💰 😬