Since schools have closed all over the country because of the coronavirus pandemic, you suddenly might find yourself new to homeschooling, This is an interesting thing to see unfold and something I’m sure has been difficult to figure out for many families.

When you’re not used to being at home all day, much less having your kids home with you all day, that can be a challenge. And then add in having to figure out what they need to complete their school year…well I’m sure that’s an even bigger challenge!

New to homeschooling? You’ve got this!

I just wanted to share a bit of encouragement for all the new homeschoolers. You can do this. I was a homeschool mom for 14 years and I would just like to reassure you that you aren’t going to mess this up. You’re going to be okay and you’ve got this.

I’m sure it varies from school to school how they’re handling this situation. Maybe they’re offering school online, maybe they sent things home, or maybe you just have a checklist to use. Whatever the case may be, don’t put yourself under a ton of pressure to teach something a certain way. You can’t completely educate them on a topic. And you also don’t need to spend lots of hours a day “having school.”

Just do your best and enjoy the process

My biggest suggestion is to find cool things onlineread some great books, play some fun games, and just have a good time looking into things that they are interested in. Especially if they’re young. Just be there with them and have a good time. That’s going to do so much more for them than trying to create a school environment. Obviously if the school has given specific things to do, you can do those together with them, but don’t stress about it. Just do the best you can and enjoy spending time as a family.

While you may be new to homeschooling all of sudden due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can do this! Just be there with your kids. Love them through this. That will go further to help them than any school work would. 😉

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