Letting go and moving on.

When you’re considering leaving everything behind to find a new adventure, you have to prioritize everything. From relationships to business opportunities to stuff we get rid of, we’ve had to make hard decisions. What do we hold onto and what do we let go?

The process is interesting.

Digging into your past as well as years of accumulated stuff is not for the weak of heart. Yet it is absolutely critical for what we must do.

True freedom begins when we let go.

I’m someone who hangs onto almost everything. Not just in the form of vintage collectibles or toys, but also of memories, experiences, ideas, relationships, and fears. I’m a hoarder of the tangible and intangible, often to the detriment of my health and happiness.

Last year I decided it was time to let go of a lot of stuff.

  • Toxic relationships with family and friends
  • Hateful and harmful thoughts about myself
  • Painful memories and regrets that robbed me of joy
  • Unhealthy eating habits and consuming lots of alcohol
  • Decades of keepsakes I cherished
  • Nostalgic collectibles and toys I’ve had since childhood
  • Good business ideas keeping me from focusing
  • Potential partnerships and opportunities for money

Old photos and documents were burned. Hard and honest conversations took place. Stuff was sold, donated or thrown in the trash. Self discovery sessions were challenging. Whatever it took, I was willing to do it. And it was awesome.

Letting go and moving on has many benefits.

Despite the wide range of emotions involved in the purge, I’ve experienced a freedom I’ve not felt in twenty years. It’s liberating!

  • Mentally I’m much happier and peaceful.
  • Physically I’m healthier and 40 pounds lighter.
  • Professionally I finally have clarity and purpose.
  • Personally I’m less of an angry asshole. LOL!

It’s amazing the baggage we carry as humans. How many other people are struggling every single day because they hold onto a variety of crap they don’t need? There is so much more life has to offer if we are willing to find it.

Letting go and moving on worked for me and it will work for you.

It’s not over yet! There’s more to deal with.

As Donetta and I get down to the final few months before we make the journey, we’ll have more decisions to make. We’ll have to be prepared to say goodbye to people we love and the place we’ve called home for 14 years now. The last bit of stuff will be sold or placed in a small storage. And we’ll ride off into the sunset –literally as we head out west first.

Letting go and moving on will be filled with tears and sadness. It will also be filled with smiles and joy. There are always trade offs. The freedom lifestyle will be worth it.

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