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Will You Join the Adventure?

We're looking for digital nomads, adventurers, and dreamers to be a part of an eclectic and fun community.
Will You Join the Adventure?
Photo by Tegan Mierle / Unsplash

When we started our new adventure back in 2020, there was always a bigger vision for this website than being just another travel blog. Sure we love to write about our experiences but that can get boring for all of us!

In my mind I envisioned a virtual campfire where everyone was welcome to grab a spot, enjoy a drink, and share their lives –  becoming a part of an eclectic family of passionate adventurers and digital nomads who would also tell their epic stories.

To me it's about community and storytelling, mainly because these two things are so very important in our lives, but often forgotten.

I remember when I was young how people would gather on front porches in our neighborhood and just visit. Conversations centered on everything from life to work and everything in between. Often the discussions would be deep and meaningful, sometimes lasting hours. Neighbors from all walks of life and various ages all having a great time telling stories that mattered. I truly miss those days! And if you ever experienced the same, maybe you miss it too.

How do we create this sense of community in today's digital focused world?

This is the question I continually ask myself. How do we build friendships in an age where everything is digital? Is it possible to create community when our lives have simply been reduced to swiping or liking?

Most of us feel really lonely. We struggle with mental health issues because of it. But so many people refuse to invest in relationships anymore.

Today it's just easier to binge watch Yellowstone or Emily in Paris (don't judge me) than to engage in meaningful conversations with other human beings. Having friendships or being involved in any community takes work and some of us are too damn exhausted from being an adult. I understand it and am even guilty of it.

Yet every day we die on the inside because we all long for something more.

What does this have to do with you?

We talk with a LOT of people who dream of traveling or pursuing their own epic adventures; people who hope to explore some day or discover those happy moments when they are free to roam.

We know many folks who have given the finger to the status quo and chosen to live a life on the road in cars, RVs, hotels, and travel vans. These road warriors have a wealth of experience and stories they want to share.

Bringing people together who love adventure seems like a good idea.

Maybe there's a way to encourage and help those of you who are wanting to travel while allowing other seasoned travelers to provide their stories or advice. Perhaps we can create some sort of online and offline community all focused on living our best adventures possible. All contributors for the common goal while building new friendships or connections.

I've always been a dreamer but I think something like this is worthy to pursue.

Like all the others we came to the beach to catch the sunset. I loved the scene when all the people were just happy and relaxed gathered by enjoying the nature.
Photo by Rita Vicari / Unsplash

Life from the Road 2023 and Beyond

What I envision going forward with this website is something more than a "here we are this week" post or another unexciting hotel review of a Choice property. It needs to be beneficial to you!

So I'd like this to become a publication that inspires people to live their own adventures while being a part of something bigger in life.

But this also means better content, better stories, and better engagement. It requires us to step up our commitment and getting others involved in the journey.

We need people like you to subscribe and join the conversation.

Tell us what you think or give your own advice. Share your travel experiences with us by writing a guest post or let us interview you. Post your travel pics on our Facebook page. Hang out with us when we're in town or meet us on the road.

All of these things matter to us and we'd love for you to be involved!

Think about it and let us know if you're interested. Comment here, message us on Facebook, or send an email to hello(at)lifefromtheroad.com.