Our Story

Our Story

Howdy! We’re James and Donetta Dalman, a digital nomad couple from America on the journey of a lifetime.

We’re high school lovers who have enjoyed 33 years of marriage, while both sharing a lust for traveling the world and seeking new adventures. For years we dreamed of a day we’d be able to hit the open road and live like modern day hippies.

On July 14, 2020 our dream finally came true!

We sold our house of 14 years and most of our belongings, packed up our pickup truck with some essentials, and then headed out west from Oklahoma with no idea how it would all work out. People thought we were absolutely crazy.

Even though traveling full-time isn’t always perfect, we love our life from the road.

The freedom we’ve experienced is indescribable and the adventures so far have been priceless. Experiencing new people and places is a rewarding lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this really is our life.

And for those who are wondering how we do it.

We’re not independently wealthy or retired, we own several online businesses and can work from anywhere. We don’t own an RV or motorhome, but live in hotels or stay with friends. We enjoy being together 24/7 and get along most of the time.

One of coolest things is getting to encourage others to live their traveling dreams.

There are thousands of people wanting to live as digital nomads and experience life as an adventurous couple. This is one reason why we’re transitioning Life from The Road from a personal travel blog to a traveling lifestyle magazine.

We want others to live without any regrets. Hopefully we can inspire those who seek something different to think outside of the box, take a leap of faith, and go out into the world to experience their own journey of a lifetime.

Life is short. Don’t let it pass you by. We’ll see you on the road.