One of the things you have to do when embarking on a road trip adventure and basically living out of a suitcase is decluttering your life and getting rid of all the extras. One of the best places to start is the closet. If you have an overwhelming amount of clothes, decluttering your closet can be freeing.

If you went and looked through all of your clothes, would you find things you hadn’t worn in ages? Would you find things that still have the tags on them? Do you have things that you keep because you ‘might need it’ someday? I have a method that I use to clear out the unused clothes and keep only what I actually wear.

Decluttering your closet is a must if you travel full-time.

Methods for decluttering your closet

In my closet I always search for what I want to wear starting from the left. When I hang things back in the closet after wearing them and laundering them, I hang them on the right. I also have some sort of item as the “divider” so I know where I started. So anything I’m using is going to end up to the right of that divider. If I’ve gone through all the seasons and there are still things on the left, those are things I don’t need anymore.

Another method you can use – if you have an extra closet, hang all of your clothes in that extra closet when you’re ready to begin. Each day as you get dressed, go find something you want to wear from that closet. Once you’ve worn it, laundered it, and it’s ready to be put back, put it in your regular closet. Give yourself 6 months or a year (to make it through all seasons and any infrequent events you might have) and then you know that anything that’s still remaining in that extra closet is stuff you don’t wear. Get rid of it.

This is a great way to declutter your closet and get it to a manageable amount so that you only have the things in it that you actually wear. It’s fun to have a variety of things to choose from. There’s no “right” or “wrong” amount of clothes to have in your closet but if you feel overwhelmed trying to find something to wear or if you constantly find yourself passing over things then maybe it’s time to clear some things out. 😉

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