You don't have to wait to have fun!

If you've ever fantasized about traveling full-time while enjoying adventurous experiences as a couple, but believed life from the road is only for the lucky people, you're certainly in the right place.

Several years ago we also thought traveling as a lifestyle was only a dream. We never believed it could happen to us ... but it did!

Conventional wisdom tells us we're only "supposed" to enjoy the fruits of our labor when we're older or financially stable. Or that we have to be retired or independently wealthy to do what makes us happy. But that's all a bunch of bullshit.

The reality is you can travel and discover a new exciting adventure with your partner without having to wait for some day.

Life from The Road is about getting out there and exploring NOW. We're here to encourage you and help you GO. And we'll share advice on how to travel, work, play, and ENJOY your lives as a full-time traveling couple.

It's time for your adventure. Are you ready?