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A Temporary Pause in Travel

Our lives of being digital nomads isn't over. We just need to stop and reset.
A Temporary Pause in Travel
Photo by Jose Aragones / Unsplash

Donetta and I returned “home” a couple of weeks ago for a temporary pause in our travel plans.

While it sucks we left behind the beautiful warm weather and sandy beaches of Florida to embrace the brutal wind and arctic cold of Oklahoma, we’re glad to be back with family.

Our hiatus isn’t due to our lack of interest in traveling though.

While there have been challenges this year, we still have so many places to explore in the United States. And now that the Covid insanity is subsiding, we can plan to visit the Netherlands again as well as other countries.

So there’s no quitting for us just yet!

The main reason we came back was to help my brother-in-law with his ever expanding trucking company.

I never imagined being in the trucker world or riding shotgun in a 18,000 pound Peterbilt, but here I am learning the lingo while wearing a Josmus trucking hat. And who knows. Maybe I’ll even learn to drive a big rig while I’m here — the guy who almost died while pulling a trailer. LOL!

Being able to use my business development expertise for this project has been really exciting, but it’s also been awesome to spend time with Maria and Joe while crashing at their house.

… in a small town called Okeene.

This small town in northwest Oklahoma has a current population of 1,120 people and only a single stop sign intersection. There are three restaurants, a grocery store, and maybe a couple dozen businesses around main street.

Okeene is a farming and oil field community where my Aunt Josie and Uncle Pete lived most of their lives. Every year the town hosts an Annual Rattlesnake Hunt which was one of my favorite activities growing up. It’s also where I learned to swim as a child and jumped from a diving board for the first time in my life. There are some great memories here.

Anyways, the change of pace here and the quietness of country life has been most welcome.

What’s our plan going forward?

I seriously don’t have a clue.

The terrible war in Ukraine and the exploding prices of gasoline complicates any upcoming travel plans. I’m also unsure how long it will take for my work to be completed at Josmus Trucking. Perhaps we’ll be in Oklahoma for another month or two before hitting the road again.

Regardless we are very thankful to be where we are right now. It is a blessing.

We hope to head back towards Arizona, Nevada, and California by the summer and plan to attend the annual Scentsy reunion in Idaho in June. But things change and we’ve learned to just go with the flow.

In the meantime, Donetta and I will be writing about past traveling experiences we have’t had time to post as well as creating some new content.

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